Thought-starters for teachers using You TELL Me Stories in your classroom:

Preschool – Kindergarten and Children with Special Needs

  • Read the stories aloud to the class, a small group, or one-on-one.
  • Have individual students experience You TELL Me Stories themselves using the built-in master teacher narrator: Each page cannot be turned until the child hears the entire narration, which promotes listening and comprehension skills.
  • Use the WordWinks feature to encourage conversation and build language and vocabulary skills.
  • Have students retell the story as a group or individual activity.
  • Use the recording feature to capture individual storytelling and share the recordings with the children’s parents, grandparents and other loved ones.
  • Track your students’ progress in retelling the stories.
  • Have students expand upon the story by drawing pictures of the characters and/or telling/writing new stories based on the plot (e.g., after reading Oscar Goes to the Zoo, draw or write about your favorite zoo animal. Tell us about which zoo animal you would like to be).
  • Download and print our specially-designed FREE You TELL Me Stories Activity Book from our website,* featuring activities to promote language skills.
  • Create a You TELL Me Stories Wall to display the drawings and other related materials.


Enjoy quality reading time with your child, building literacy and language skills