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4:13 PM, Mar 4, 2017

A new Public Service Announcement from a non-profit group hopes to get an important message across to new parents. The group “Read Aloud 15 Minutes” says it’s important to start reading to kids, the day they are born.

Experts say it helps with brain development, pre-literacy skills and a love of learning.

Jennifer Bryan, Co-Founder of “Read Aloud 15 Minutes” said, “You’re introducing a vocabulary that you might not have in every day language. So if you’re learning about zoo animals, you might talk about zoo animals that don’t come up in your every day talk. You’re introducing pre-literacy skills like learning how to turn pages, understanding that words are symbols and introducing a love of books.”

A survey conducted by the non-profit says only 15% of parents read to their kids from birth.

The group says it’s also just as important to read aloud with your child even after they can read by themselves.
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About the Author:

Lynn Rubin is the President of You TELL Me Stories, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to developing an extensive multi-lingual library of interactive digital and print picture books that provide parents/caregivers with resources to develop the read aloud techniques that research has shown make reading aloud most effective, and are critical to the development of pre-literacy skills and Oral Language – THE Foundation for Literacy.

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