Parents are their child’s first teacher. Our literacy foundation creates FREE picture e-books and activity books showing HOW to read to truly make a difference in building the essential language skills that are critical to the development of pre-literacy skill and oral language – THE foundation for reading, writing, and overall academic success.

Enjoy quality reading time with your child, building literacy and language skills

“The greater the number of words children heard from their parents and caregivers … the higher their IQ and the better they did in school.”

New York Times, 4/10/13

From “Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experience of Young American Children” by Hart & Risley, 1995

You TELL Me Stories were created by educators and language experts to show you HOW to read to your child in a way that stimulates conversation and builds listening, thinking and language skills.

Downloaded to your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch You TELL Me Stories children’s e-book apps let you:

Acquire simple techniques for turning routine storytelling into truly interactive learning experiences between you and your child.
Read to your child in a way that moves beyond just the words on the page with WordWinks – on-screen comments and questions woven into the story to stimulate conversation, build vocabulary and maximize comprehension.
Retell, Record & Share – Give your child the special gift of practicing storytelling skills by thinking the story through and re-arranging pictures from the e-book in the correct order. Then you can record your child’s own version of the story and email it to teachers, Grandma and other loved ones … right from the app!

Enjoy quality time with your child anywhere you take your device.
Educate your child even when you’re not available with built-in narration by a master teacher along with engaging and entertaining character voices.

The YTMS WordWinks technique takes your young child beyond the words and pictures on each page. On-screen comments and questions are woven into the story to develop listening skills, build vocabulary and maximize comprehension.
Read the story aloud to your child with WordWinks on the screen to keep him or her actively involved in asking questions and making predictions rather than just passively listening.

Or choose the built-in master teacher to read the story with WordWinks (Pages cannot be turned until your child listens to the entire narration!)
Using WordWinks, you’ll acquire simple techniques for transforming storytelling time into a fun bonding experience that impacts your child’s lifelong reading, writing and speaking skills.
WordWinks help you do your best to give your child a head start for school and beyond.
WordWinks were designed in consultation with teachers, education policy makers, and speech and language pathologists.

YTMS children’s e-book apps let your young child retell the story in his or her own words and instantly share the recording – building comprehension, language skills and self-esteem!

Retell, Record & Share allows you to give your child a special gift: valuable practice in story-telling that helps him or her:

Learn and utilize new vocabulary
Make sense of ideas by putting pictures from the story in the correct order
Identify important details
Build memory
Take pride in every new achievement
Measure listening comprehension
Retell, Record & Share lets you email your child’s own retelling of the story to Grandma, other family members, teachers and friends … right from the app.
Give your youngster the thrill of hearing his or her own voice, and then receiving rewarding feedback from loved ones.
Track your child’s progress in sequencing a story and retelling the story in his/her own words.
Enjoy quality time together while developing listening and speaking abilities that will grow into lifelong reading and writing skills.