Parents are their child's first teacher. Our literacy foundation creates FREE picture e-books and activity books showing HOW to read to truly make a difference in building the essential language skills that are critical to the development of pre-literacy skill and oral language - THE foundation for reading, writing, and overall academic success.

Our acclaimed WordWinks® technique weaves onscreen questions and comments, written in red, into the story to maximize your child’s vocabulary, comprehension and listening skills.

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No other children’s picture book apps let your child retell the story in his or her own words and instantly share the recording, building comprehension and language skills and self-esteem!

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Each entertaining story features a variety of techniques and activities that will take your child beyond the words on the page and impact his or her lifelong learning, language and vocabulary skills.

Research shows children learn most from books when they are actively engaged : Listening and speaking. You TELL Me Stories show you how.

Free picture book apps designed to make reading aloud easy and fun for anyone—no matter your job, education level, or fluency in English—to unlock the learning in every picture book.

En el mundo actual, las personas que hablan más de un idioma tienen más oportunidades. WordWinks es un recurso práctico y a la mano que le ayuda a mejorar su inglés y su español sin tener que salir de casa. lee mas

Children with learning differences will benefit from YTMS books because they allow for the developmental milestones to be met at the child’s own pace.