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Includes 9 English and 7 Spanish picture books.
The ONLY children’s story apps narrated by teachers, or read by you,
with comments and questions woven throughout the text.

Perfect for children ages Birth – 7 years old.

  • Decades of scientific research confirm that the most important years of brain development are from birth to five.

  • Reading aloud interactively is one of the most effective methods for developing reading success.

  • Our unique, narrated picture book apps accommodate dual-language learners.

  • Our books accommodate all levels of parent involvement in reading aloud with unique features such as WordWinks® and Retell, Record and Share.

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Our acclaimed and patent-pending WordWinks® technique weaves onscreen questions and comments, maximizing your child’s vocabulary, comprehension and listening skills.

English | Espanol

No other children’s picture book apps let your child
RETELL the story by RECORDING in his or her own
voice and then instantly SHARE, building
comprehension and language skills and self-esteem!

You TELL Me Stories Promotes Dual Language Learning
Picture Book Apps are Available in Both English AND Espanol.


Oscar goes to the Zoo

When Oscar wakes up one morning and can’t find any of his friends, his journey takes him through the zoo where he learns there is nothing better than being yourself.

The Little Red Hen

Our spin on a classic story teaches your child the importance of lending a helping hand to friends.

Chicken Little

In this classic retelling, Chicken Little learns about the importance of thinking for yourself, decision making, and not jumping to conclusions!

You Tell Me Stories Library App

Parents are their child’s first teacher, and research shows that “the most effective way of reading aloud is when children are actively involved, asking and answering questions, and making predictions rather than passively listening” (D. Dickinson).

You TELL Me Stories, a non-profit literacy organization, provides parents and teachers with the resources to help children in this critical learning period of birth to 7 years to develop the listening, pre-reading, and comprehension skills they need to be successful, before that critical window closes.

You TELL Me Stories has been recognized by the Bammy Awards, Academics Choice, Creative Child Magazine, Tallywig Toy Awards, and the Mom’s Choice Awards for its innovative methods and dedication to inspiring education while promoting literacy and giving parents the skills to read aloud interactively with their children.