• The YTMS WordWinks technique takes your young child beyond the words and pictures on each page. On-screen comments and questions are woven into the story to develop listening skills, build vocabulary and maximize comprehension.
  • Read the story aloud to your child with WordWinks on the screen to keep him or her actively involved in asking questions and making predictions rather than just passively listening.
  • Or choose the built-in master teacher to read the story with WordWinks (Pages cannot be turned until your child listens to the entire narration!)
  • Using WordWinks, you’ll acquire simple techniques for transforming storytelling time into a fun bonding experience that impacts your child’s lifelong reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • WordWinks help you do your best to give your child a head start for school and beyond.
  • WordWinks were designed in consultation with teachers, education policy makers, and speech and language pathologists. 

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