They are children’s e-book apps with WordWinks and Retell, Record & Share – features designed by educators and language experts to engage your young child while developing the listening, thinking and language skills needed to succeed in school and beyond!

You TELL Me Stories
 use engaging techniques and activities to build a solid foundation for lifelong comprehension, learning and communication:

  • The WordWinks technique builds children’s listening, thinking and language skills.
  • Retell, Record & Share develops listening and speaking abilities that grow into lifelong reading and writing skills.
  • Retelling allows parents to give their young children a special gift – valuable practice in storytelling that helps children … learn and utilize new vocabulary … make sense of ideas by putting them in order … identify important details … and build memory – all in a personalized, fun and rewarding way!

Pages cannot be turned until your child hears the entire narration, which promotes concentration and comprehension

Research has demonstrated that the most effective read-alouds are those in which children are actively involved asking and answering questions and making predictions rather than passively listening (Dickinson 2001).

Research shows that the seeds of reading and school success are sown in the home, long before the child ever arrives at school.

Jim Trelease, The Read-Aloud Handbook, 2006

You TELL Me Stories were created by educators and language experts to show you HOW to you read to your child to make a meaningful difference. Studies prove that the best way to develop a strong foundation for all future reading, writing and speaking skills is by having your child listen to you read while you encourage him or her to think and talk about the story.

Preschool, ages 2.5-7. Older for Special Needs children

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