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YTMS children’s e-book apps let your young child retell the story in his or her own words and instantly share the recording – building comprehension, language skills and self-esteem!

Retell, Record & Share allows you to give your child a special gift: valuable practice in story-telling that helps him or her:

  • Learn and utilize new vocabulary

  • Make sense of ideas by putting pictures from the story in the correct order

  • Identify important details

  • Build memory

  • Take pride in every new achievement

  • Measure listening comprehension

  • Retell, Record & Share lets you email your child’s own retelling of the story to Grandma, other family members, teachers and friends … right from the app.

  • Give your youngster the thrill of hearing his or her own voice, and then receiving rewarding feedback from loved ones.

  • Track your child’s progress in sequencing a story and retelling the story in his/her own words.

  • Enjoy quality time together while developing listening and speaking abilities that will grow into lifelong reading and writing skills.

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