Lynn Rubin

Lynn Rubin is the President of You TELL Me Stories, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to developing an extensive multi-lingual library of interactive digital and print picture books that provide parents/caregivers with resources to develop the read aloud techniques that research has shown make reading aloud most effective, and are critical to the development of pre-literacy skills and Oral Language – THE Foundation for Literacy.

With a Master’s Degree in Special Education, Learning Disabilities from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, Lynn is certified in elementary education (K-6) and special education (N-12). For more than 30 years, Lynn has served as an educational consultant and therapist in New York for students in kindergarten through tenth grade, teaching remedial reading, writing and math.

She also worked as a consultant for the educational publisher New Dimensions in Education, developing the scope and sequence of a video home reading program. Lynn is the author of the children’s digital picture book Oscar Goes to the Zoo.

Prior to her current position as an educational consultant and academic tutor, Lynn was the co-director of the Learning Center at the Spence School in New York.  Additionally, she was a teacher at the Windward School in White Plains, New York, an independent, co-ed day school for children with language-based learning disabilities

Alexandra Hartenbaum

A professional educator, Alexandra Hartenbaum is the CFO of You TELL Me Stories, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on the development of digital and print properties that promote oral language and literacy. Alexandra manages You Tell Me Stories business relationships, and works with her partner, Lynn Rubin, on the development of the applications.

Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from New York University, but followed her passion to become an educator. She taught kindergarten and second grade reading in New York at The Hewitt School, an independent college preparatory school for girls in kindergarten through grade twelve.  Later, she accepted the position of head teacher for the three-year-old group in the Early Childhood Learning Center at Temple Israel in New York.

Alex is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Digital Book World and the National Association of Women Business Owners.  She is also a member of the American Library Association and is involved with the T.J. Martell Foundation, a New York-based organization that funds innovative medical research to find cures and treatments for leukemia, cancer and AIDS.