You’ll love You TELL Me Stories because they help you:

  • Read aloud in a way that takes the story and your child’s understanding of language to a higher level.
  • Learn proven read-aloud techniques through the use of WordWinks to increase your child’s listening comprehension, language and vocabulary skills.
  • Give your child a special gift: practice storytelling with Retell, Record & Share This engaging activity helps your child learn and utilize new vocabulary … make sense of ideas by putting them in order … identify important details … and build memory!
  • Educate, engage and entertain your child even when you’re unavailable with built-in read-aloud narration by a master teacher. Each page cannot be turned until your child hears the entire narration, which promotes listening and comprehension skills.
  • See your child experience the joy, self-esteem and confidence that comes with each short and long-term achievement.
  • Know you’re doing your best to give your child a head start for school and for life.
  • Further engage and educate your child with a You TELL Me Stories Activity Book, free with each story.* Pages provide blank spaces for writing in your child’s description of what’s happening in each picture, stimulating his or her imagination and storytelling ability!


Your child will love You TELL Me Stories because it lets him or her:

  • Enjoy delightful stories read aloud by you, or by the teacher narrator accompanied by engaging and entertaining character voices.
  • Get involved with the story through stimulating conversation.
  • Retell, Record & Share! Create special moments rearranging pictures from the story in the correct order, retelling the story in his or her own words, and then sharing the recording with Grandma, other family members, teachers and friends!
  • Enjoy a FREE downloadable Activity Book for each story that inspires fun and educational activities.*
  • Feel good about your quality time together as well as every new achievement!


Thought-starters for teachers using You TELL Me Stories in your classroom:

Preschool – Kindergarten and Children with Special Needs

  • Read the stories aloud to the class, a small group, or one-on-one.
  • Have individual students experience You TELL Me Stories themselves using the built-in master teacher narrator: Each page cannot be turned until the child hears the entire narration, which promotes listening and comprehension skills.
  • Use the WordWinks feature to encourage conversation and build language and vocabulary skills.
  • Have students retell the story as a group or individual activity.
  • Use the recording feature to capture individual storytelling and share the recordings with the children’s parents, grandparents and other loved ones.
  • Track your students’ progress in retelling the stories.
  • Have students expand upon the story by drawing pictures of the characters and/or